• Easy to use point to point wayfinding
  • Customisable mapping allows for any size / layout venue to be mapped in-app
  • Set POIs such as exhibitors, sessions, registration areas as locations for wayfinding
  • Showcase live information in-app such as scanned status of exhibitors, or session check-in status


  • Attendees can navigate with ease by using point to point wayfinding. Choose current location, either by a dropdown selection/QR Scan and select  destination.
  • Calculates the fastest route to the destination location by utilising custom venue floor plan mapping
  • In-app POIs such as exhibitor booths and sessions can show real-time information such as the attendee’s engagement status, or session check-in status.
  • Map multiple exhibitors at a singler booth or location
  • Directions linked to exhibitors profile page or from within a session in-app for quick access.
  • Supports  multiple levels within a venue and include in-depth detail maps for particular rooms ie.  an overall venue map, and a detail map for the tradeshow.


  • Includes all features listed in Specifications section.
  • Additional functionality can be customised to suit specific event requirements
  • Requires  custom floorplan mapping per event

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